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29 Jun 2017

Tree Storage Bags


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Posted By Lawrence G.

Christmas Tree Storage Bags.

What do you do with your Christmas tree after Christmas? If it is a live tree you probably throw it out soon after Christmas. Artificial prelit Christmas trees are a different story. Do you just throw your tree back in the attic or closet, still decorated, only to find it next year with little critters living in it? There is a solution. Tree storage bags are the way to go. Whether you choose poly/vinyl, nylon, plastic, or canvas, they all will help preserve your tree for years to come.

TreeKeeper Storage Bags.

Many contributing factors play a part in the deterioration of your artificial Christmas tree. Dust and rodents can eat away at your tree, so having the right Christmas tree storage bags are crucial. Many animals or insects will find their way into your tree making it their new home. With TreeKeeper artificial tree storage bags, you will no longer have that problem. These bags are made from a long-lasting polyester/ nylon blend. Just put the tree stand into the bag, then pull the bag up over the tree and compress. Your ready to go, no need to take your tree apart. These particular bags fit a 6-9 foot tree. These bags will last for years to come. There are also duffel tree storage bags with wheels that make storing and moving easy.

Storage Bags For Decorated Trees.

There are also artificial tree storage bags for decorated trees. These are particularly convenient because you just place the bottom of your tree in the stand. Then when it's time to put your tree up, just open the skirt of the bag and pull over the tree and zip it up. The bag also doubles as a tree skirt. There are wheels to make moving the tree easy. The best part of using this type of bag is your tree stays decorated year after year. There's no need to redecorate, unless you change your Christmas tree theme.

Canvas and Vinyl Bags.

A cheaper solution to artificial tree storage are canvas bags or poly vinyl bags. The extra deep artificial Christmas tree storage bags or the large canvas Christmas tree storage bags are an excellent choice. Each bag requires the trees to be taken apart, but both will hold up to an eight to nine foot tree. These bags are smaller and more compact than the Treekeeper bags. Either bag is a good choice to protect your tree.

Clear Poly Vinyl Bags.

One more solution are the clear poly vinyl Christmas tree storage bags. This is by far, the cheapest solution, but will still protect your tree from the elements. You can do many things with these clear poly vinyl bags. You can put the tree fully decorated into the bag, or remove the ornaments and then out your tree in there. These bags are even good for hauling off live Christmas trees. Live trees get needles allover when being moved, so putting it in the poly vinyl bag saves you from cleaning the mess. Protecting your investment is a must. After all, artificial trees are not cheap, so get a tree bag and store it away the right way this Christmas season.


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